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Contracts is another law school classic, so to succeed in law school and ace your exams, you’ll need to get past this class. While contracts exams are commonly in essay form, it is not infrequent to see a multiple choice or combination essay/multiple choice exam at the end of the semester. We’ve taken a look at how to study contracts via the best contracts study guides here.

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The best approach to learning contracts in your iterative outlining process is to ensure clarity on the basic concepts before diving into outlining or practice essays. There are huge number of study guides available, so reviewing something familiar like Examples and Explanations and attempting some practice questions is a good first test of your knowledge. For quick reference, look to Quick Study Law Contracts. When you are ready to dive deeper, start reviewing Law in a Flash: Contracts. For clarity when confused, look to the Understanding series.

Quick Study: Contracts

The Quick Study series provides a brief overview of every concept in a study area, but its brevity can cause confusion or mislead a student into thinking they can rely on it without truly understanding the content. For a class like contracts (and torts or civil procedure) where there are discrete principals to nail down, it can be helpful as an additional study guide.

Examples & Explanations: Contracts

A go-to resource for many students, the E&E series of course has a contracts book. As usual, this is a good study guide to cover the basics of contract law while also giving yourself a chance to practice.

Understanding Contracts

Understanding Contracts provides in depth coverage of concepts in a more thorough manner than other supplements. As with other classes, when you stumble over your notes or the E&E, you can turn to this supplement to help figure it out.

Law in a Flash: Contracts

As with evidence, contracts is a class that is tested as often via multiple choice as via essay exams. Whichever you face, these (or your own) flashcards will help you nail down not just the basics, but identify which concepts require more attention.

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